3 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

While entrepreneurship is being taken as a career by many, the only way you can differentiate from your competitors & give them a fitting reply is through ‘Creativity’. Undoubtedly much research has been done in this field but to our surprise many of them contradict to each other. So let’s ponder upon what exactly it means & how you can practice it.

1. Limit yourself: Many of you won’t agree upon this but research has shown that if we put on restrictions to available resources then it will actually make you think more & you tend to discover newer options, which you may not have discovered otherwise.


Example : Twitter, the social network allows you only 140 characters to express your idea as compared to other social media platforms. But it has to be noted that Twitter has become the most preferred social network by intellectuals as compared to Facebook or any other social media. And the quality of content is just superb. Had it been possible, if there were no such restrictions on writing? Ofcourse not.

2. Re-conceptualize the problem: Einstein once said “You can’t solve the problem at the same level on which it was created”, which means, you should try looking at things from different perspective. Sometimes thinking too much logically doesn’t help, as the solution itself is very simple.


Example : Everyone had seen the apple falling from the tree but no one saw it like Newton did. Well, falling of an apple wasn’t a problem but the way people looked at it was.

3. Distance yourself: When things aren’t working the way they should, may be it is time for some coffee, a walk or a short nap. Experts suggest that daydreaming at work for a while & then getting back to your work, helps streamlining things & as a result something more constructive is delivered.


Example : Writers/Authors often prefer distancing themselves if they get stuck upon on something. As they know very well that sitting & pondering upon the same thing for longer period of time won’t help. So they opt for taking a short break. This method is widely practiced in creative fields like advertising, script writing etc.

Write to us if you have more points to add or something to say about it.

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