Being a leader

Good leadership starts with good communication.

Are you looking forward to being a leader? Are you aware about traits of a leader?

We have compiled some qualities that makes one a good leader.

1. Honest and trustworthy-

A leader is someone who others follow, good or bad. If you show your honest side to the team and stick to it, your team is sure to follow the suit. The team and everybody associated with you, believes you, so always be trustworthy and go by the ethics.

2. Confidence-

Inhale confidence, exhale doubt!

A man of confidence is always looked up to. Every business faces panicky situation, it’s on you how you take it. Always keep the calm and be confident to overcome the worst of situations. This will help the team to do their best as well and follow the leader.

3. Sense of Humor-

Why so serious? Laughing at mistakes always helps. If your team commits an error, getting angry and handling the situation seriously will only worsen things. How about a laugh instead? Give your team a friendly environment at workplace which will open them up and help work become more comfortable. Crack a joke or two and see your team brighten up.

4. Communication-

Your words should be simple and crystal clear, easy enough for your team to understand the requirement. If your team is not working up to your expectations, there possibly might be a communication fault at your end. Keep a check. Being a clear communicator is a trait of a successful leader.

5. Everything but rude and arrogant | A team builder-

A team loves their leader, but hates their boss. Boss says, “Go” but a leader says, “Let’s go.” Always keep in mind that a leader should never be rude and arrogant for having the top seat of the company. Instead, a leader should share the same seat as his team. Never make wrong use of your position or strength.

6. Work delegation-

Delegating the work is a sign of a good leader and a strong team. Keep the belief that your team is qualified enough to handle the important tasks. Delegating tasks to the appropriate departments is one of the most important skills you can develop as your business grows. And with growth comes lot of responsibilities which can only be fulfilled once delegated.

7. Has a vision and passion-

What are you leading? What are your goals? Your vision should be clear. A leader must very well know the hierarchy of his progress and a graph that shows where he is now and where he is willing to reach. The passion to achieve your dream always shows through your hard-work and dedication. Your team is sure to follow you if you are true to your work.




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