Enterprising Teams of Father-Son/ Father-Daughter

This Sunday will be celebrated throughout India as ‘Father’s Day’, honouring fathers & fatherhood. The saying, ‘Dad is a Son’s First Hero and a Daughter’s First Love’ would undeniably stand true for all of us. A father indeed plays a key role in overall development of children right from the birth.

Today, we would see few of the epic entrepreneurial journeys, where fathers were the light of hope for their sons/daughters. We would shed some light on Indian startups, where the father-son/ father-daughter duos have created magic in startup ecosystem.

 1) Taking Drones To Masses: India produces around 1.5 million of engineers every year but very few are able to create technologies at the level Venkatesh has created. Venkatesh would enjoy long sessions of Aeromodelling with his father even before he stepped into engineering college. In 2007, when Venkatesh was 13 years old & still in school, the father-son team decided to turn their hobby into a full-fledged venture named ‘Sree Sai Aerotech Innovations Pvt Ltd’ (SSAI). Since then, there is no looking back.

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Eazypilot, a customisation platform for drones, is one among a handful of drone controllers available globally that converts any drone into a user-friendly gadget around which applications could be developed.

SSAI consists of a team of seven and is based in Chennai. The entire family works for the company, including his sister & mother. Venkatesh now has plans to commercialize the project and taking it to global level.

2) Dustless Painting: This Father–Daughter duo based out of Thane, Maharashtra has come up with a venture, wherein repainting will not be a dustless affair anymore. Niyati, who was working with CNBC earlier has joined his father Atul Ingle in making repainting a complete dustless process. Atul Ingale, is an electrical engineering graduate & was extremely passionate about engineering and wanted to create something that could benefit people.

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The Father-Daughter duo approached couple of leading architects & interior designers with their demos & have received their many first clients. They are now into the process of working with leading companies from Pharma & FMCG sector.

3) KuberBox: This is another inspiring story of Sourav Lodha & his father. Sourav Lodha is basically trying to build India’s best diamond jewellery shopping website at KuberBox.com. But before this venture he has successfully sold off his first startup ‘PrintBooth’ while still at college.

Sourav fondly remembers how his father had put in seeed capital during college years in ‘PrintBooth’ & supported his entrepreneurial journey at the time when he had little idea of running business. Sourav made 3x return from ‘PrintBooth’, which made his father happy.


After completing his college, Sourav went on to work with a startup over a job in Semiconductor Company based out of Chennai to gain hands on experience on how to run a company.

Sourav left his job & started ‘KuberBox’ with a partner, outside the knowledge of his father. His father still supported him in his new venture as well, without asking him further questions. Sourav’s father helped him during his thick & thin and stood by him in his every endeavour. His father was the single-most motivation that led him to venture into the startup world. It was extremely tough for Sourav’s father to arrange for money at various instances, as he himself runs a business & has a daughter to be married at that point of time. But he remained committed in supporting Sourav. (Source: YourStory.com)

‘Happy Father’s Day’ to all the great & inspirational fathers.

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