Entrepreneurship Realities

Every success has a long story behind it. Every happy man today must have gone through something sad to come out strong and happy. Do you often think, looking at a successful entrepreneur, ‘Oh how lucky he is. He is on the top of the race and has it all.’ But have you ever wondered about his past. What brought him where he is today?

Let’s keep a check on the realities of being a successful entrepreneur.

Some facts:

1. It’s stressful

Nurturing a business is no easy job. It will shower you with constant stress. You will have to meet deadlines, satisfy your customers, take care of your clients and that too with consistency and perfection. Hiring new team members, training them and making sure they are doing well. All of this brings a lot of stress. If you cannot take the stress, you are not worth it.

2. It’s frustrating

At times, your partner might not agree with you. There are possibilities of miscommunication that will ruin all the hard work you must have done. You will never know what is waiting to happen next and in a hurry everything will fall in the wrong place. Your position will take a thorough test of your frustration level.

3. It’s never-ending

Once you enter, it won’t end. You’ll have to walk miles and miles and it still won’t end. Entrepreneurship is an endless job. The work will keep pouring in once you’ve got a grip. When you think it’s done, there is always scope for something better and new.

4. Demands sacrifices

The lost list of sacrifices includes sleep, food and much more. The ‘leave work at office, don’t bring it home’ saying doesn’t apply for an entrepreneur. He has to work 24*7. Pay checks don’t exist for them. You might not be able to give enough time to your family and friends.

5. It’s competitive

There are always people having an eye on you and striving to do that extra bit in a better way to successfully compete with you. You will have to work day and night to stand that competition and think about the best things possible. You might have to spend sleepless nights and figure out innovations to retain your customers and also attract new ones.

All of these will bring you what you’ve always dreamed of:

1. It’s rewarding

Heard of ‘Try and try and you will succeed’? Whoever has said that is absolutely right. After all the hard work and sacrifices you make to lead your business to growth and success, there comes a time when you start reaping the results. There will definitely come a time when you feel the happiest. All the appreciations and rewards you receive will make you feel on top of the world and all those struggles will be worth it.

2. It’s flexible

An employee drops in at the assigned time and leaves after the boss does. You don’t have to do that. Having control over your work schedule means that you can choose when to take time off and work the schedule that suits you best.

3. Satisfying

At the end of a hectic day, no matter how many issues and problems you go through, you are still happy because you are doing what you love. You are an entrepreneur by choice and you enjoy the process of climbing the success ladder. You are satisfied and satisfaction is something to die for.

4. Independent

You are your own boss. You have nobody to report to. You are free to do what you want and how you want. That kind of position brings along a lot of challenges and you have to take your business seriously, to keep it from going down the drain. But still, being your own boss feels great, isn’t it?

5. Personal Development

Once you start your own business, you start growing as an individual too. You now have your team members to take care of. You have to learn what to assign and when to assign a work to your team mate. You have to learn how to communicate in the best possible way, to your clients as well as customers. Taking care of a business makes you more disciplined, determined, dedicated and punctual.

Are you an entrepreneur and gone through something similar? Share your story with us.

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