Is typing the new speaking and reading the new hearing?

I for long wanted to beat the drum on how digitalisation has led to hearing the voices of the people whose ping you read and literally spoke in your head to him/her while typing back. Don’t you hear them as well? Well I do, and many others whom I have asked about these voices. Interestingly, it can be put up as hearing through the eyes and speaking through the hands.

This may seem an impressive thought, but there is something that may be alarming. These social media tools have flipped the way we humans interact with each other. Hence, social media has become a bone of contention for arbitrators. We are often caught in the classrooms, playfields, bed, dining table and office fixated to our electronic devices speaking and listening digitally. Have we lost the human touch?

Another alarming point to note here is how safe is your new mode of speaking and listening? Digital communication has long gone CLOUD (cloud computing). With the recent snooping cases proliferating, are you secure? The reality of network topography means each of your connections involves a series of routers and switches, probably owned and operated by different outfits. If one connection is secure, there’s no guaranteeing any other connection in the sequence is secure. This information is just the tip of the iceberg.

The rationalism in writing this blog was neither to scare nor limit you towards digitalisation. My appeal is that we bring back that human touch again by engaging into more  hangouts, picnics, playing, outings etc where lips are involved in speaking and ears into hearing.

-This blog article is written by Rupesh Raj, 2nd year PGDM-BE student at EDI.


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