Rock your first client meeting

If you have planned a client meeting, it is obvious that you are looking forward to develop a long term business relationship with them. Be confident, show your professionalism and convince the client of your being potential. Make them believe that the money is going in the right hands.

Keep these points in mind while planning a client meeting:

1. Research thoroughly about who your client is. Keep a watch on what they do and what could be a possible expectation from you during the meeting.

2. Set an agenda. Write down points you’d like to discuss. This will save time and you will be clear on what you want to know.

3. Practice your presentation well before the meeting. It will help clear all the fumbles and help you understand when to explain points.

4. Dress to impress. First impression counts the most. Your first look and feel will give your client a clear picture whether you are confident and trustworthy.

5. Never meet at your office. It should be the last place to meet. Distractions come easy when you are in your space. Meetings are supposed to be focused and engaged. Also, never forget to leave your phone on a silent mode.

6. Be on time. Early but never late. This shows your preparedness and professionalism. Reach the meeting spot 10 to 15 minutes early, go through your papers and agenda. Make sure you remember the names of people you are meeting and pronounce it correctly.

7. Do the introductions. Introduce everyone who has accompanied you to the meeting. Have a little talk with each other before starting off. Or else it will come out as if you are too eager and excited. Small talks like, “How’s your day going?” or “What a lovely weather!” can work.

8. Listen carefully, observe what their needs are.

9. Sell yourself; make them believe how perfectly you can fit in after listening to their requirements.

10. Don’t forget to take notes. Jot down each and every question they ask or a point they raise. You can go back to your work place and go through these notes. It will help you analyze the core requirements and how it can be worked out.

11. Be confident on what you know. When you speak, let the words flow out and have a good grip over what you want to communicate.

12. Send a summary of the meeting via email. Prepare a brief on the discussion that happened over the meeting, highlighting points on which you would work.

One thing you need to remember not only for your first client meeting, but for all the stages of the project you take up is, trust yourself. Confidence builds with practice; keep practicing and get better.

Would you like to share the happiest moment or a blunder you made on a business/client meeting? Share your experience.

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