Startups Trends to look out for in future

Amid the tough competition in the market to stand out differently from competitors, startups are in the race to update themselves with latest trends that can lay the foundation of their success and make them stand out in the market. While 2017 has witnessed 57 startups becoming unicorns, the year 2018 is full of AI, IOT, and blockchain technology. It can impact largely on the market.

Since the year 2018 has been keeping its pace with current trends; here are some of the trends in the startup world that can revolutionize the entire market scenario.

Internet of things: Internet of things is something to look out for in years to come. Interestingly, 20 billion devices are currently connected to the internet. Hence, IoT will become the backbone of the customer value and the IoT infrastructure will shift to an edge to provide cloud intelligence.

Workplace: The physical workspace as we know it today is going to significantly change next year as businesses start to get smart about how they use space to drive productivity and adapt to new employee behaviors and tech tools.

Economical change: Digitization and the sharing economy will disrupt more industries. Already, retail (Amazon), automotive (Uber), and the server market (Google, Amazon) have been disrupted – and we have had two years without another major industry being disrupted.

Marketing: Marketing would be the next big thing in the market with the rapid expansion of technology. An ever-growing demand for a new update in the technology, marketing would play a vital role in deciding the future of the company.

Virtual reality: Virtual reality has dominated the digital marketplace, raising expectations among consumers and investors. With virtual reality’s growth across industries, the developing technology’s impact continues to take shape. For the world’s brightest tech start-ups, leveraging the latest advancements in VR offers massive opportunity for cross-industry growth.

So these are the some of the trends start-ups should look out for ensuring massive success in their business while standing out from their competitors in the cut-throat competition.

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