Why Entrepreneurship courses are gaining momentum

The reason behind the sudden shift in policy making with respect to small & medium enterprises in country is a thoughtfully taken decision by government to nurture a long term & robust growth plan for the country. As India predominantly is a country dependent majorly on entrepreneurs & small business houses for employment generation, which has evolved significantly with support from IT industry & latest technological advancement.

This shift in policy making is supported by entrepreneurship & post graduate oriented courses in India to enhance the talent & skill development further. In a recent study by ‘Small Enterprise’ magazine it has been observed that Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad features amongst the few prominent institutes in this area.


In view of Shyam Sekar, Chief Mentor & Strategist at Startup Xperts (which supports startups & SMEs in India & abroad), ‘’Entrepreneurship is not about having higher IQ. It is about taking right step, failing early, standing up quickly, and moving forward’’. He also says that to succeed entrepreneurs must have following skill set

-Situational leadership

-Negotiation skills

-Effective communication

-Presentation skills &

-Strong execution skills

Mr. Shyam list down the ‘Ivy League’ institutes throughout the world, which offers course on entrepreneurship. EDI, Ahmedabad is the dedicated college in India that offers the full time courses on Business Management, which is designed for entrepreneur & entrepreneurship managers.


Over a period of time several private institutes have come up offering courses on entrepreneurship but the quality & deliverables promised is always questionable. However, EDI, Ahmedabad on the other hand is consistently fuelling the growth story of several enterprises through its dedicated efforts of over 3 decades. It has stood by its core value of promoting entrepreneurship amongst the youth of country.


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