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PGDM-Business Entrepreneurship at EDI

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India was set up in 1983 as a pioneering institute for Entrepreneurship Development and Training in India and around the globe.

The driving values at the Institute are innovation, experimentation, risk-taking, inclusiveness, thinking out of the box and to offer need based & socially relevant solutions.

Are you an individual who wishes to advance his/her ambitions, or is aspiring to start or grow a venture?

Are you someone who wants to take your family business ahead effectively?

Are you the one who is looking for a short term employment before starting your own business?

The PGDM-BE programme is something you should surely opt for.

It is open to all individuals who are either considering embarking on an entrepreneurial career pathway or have taken the first steps of their entrepreneurial journey. Entrepreneurial and Management skills are the two critical tools that will help the participants face any challenge in their career. EDI believes in the saying, ‘Practice makes man perfect.’ Though classroom theory is important for acquiring management knowledge but there is no substitute for practice in order to ingrain the entrepreneurial decision making skills. This course includes case study discussions, simulation games, teamwork, tutorials and role-play exercises, among other activities. The students are given opportunities to interact, challenge points of view and discuss business situations on an academic platform. One of our key strengths is the degree of personalized mentor provided to each participant.

The course is offered through six trimesters over the two years period.

The complete structure of programme includes:

-A 2-week orientation to focus on Entrepreneur Interactions and Learning, Entrepreneurial Career and Aspirations & other Optional Preparatory Courses.

-Throughout the trimester, courses are offered in core areas which have relationship with real business issues through case studies and projects that cover different company stages, sizes, industry and international contexts.

 – We have also designed seminar courses to provide in-depth understanding of various sectors where the student want to associate in future.

– The elective stream builds on learning’s from the core courses and helps the student to develop in-depth knowledge or expertise in specific areas. The Course offers dual electives in Entrepreneurship and Functional Areas, mainly, New Enterprise Creation (NEC) & Family Business Management (FBM).

– Besides imparting knowledge on creating and managing business, this course also would enhance the knowledge in functional areas.

Experiential learning is emphasized through Summer Internship and Projects.

The admission process consists of taking any of these tests—CAT, MAT, XAT, ATMA ,CMAT. Candidates can apply to EDI by acquiring application form available on our website. Online payment options are also available.

There are two sets of tests under this category designed to analyze behavioral predispositions like drive, initiative, general entrepreneurial tendencies, leadership, personality traits, etc. This Entrepreneurial Aptitude Tests measures entrepreneurial potential and commitment.

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