Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam: A Salute to the Patriotic Son of Mother India


‘People’s President’, a great visionary, an epitome of inspiration, simplicity, focus, discipline and perseverance, Dr. Kalam, was indeed a rare gem of India!

His achievements are awe inspiring and his life is one of the best examples of grit. His journey is remarkable. Despite all odds, Dr. Kalam found his way from an extremely  poor family to a scientist. His immense contribution to the nation’s civilian space program and military missile development made him popular as  the Missile Man. Eventually, he became the President of India and the Indian Youth Icon.

He had a Scientist’s mind but was humane at heart and had a childlike smile. His enthusiasm was infectious and the glint in his eyes inspiring.  He had qualities worth imbibing: overcoming failures, karma yoga, staying humble despite great achievements, detachment from materialistic life and putting ‘India’ above everything. Even at 83, his gait reflected enthusiasm and confidence. He ignited the youth of India to unleash their potential.

Dr. Kalam’s positive aura enthralled every individual he met from all walks of life: sports, politics, science & technology, entertainment, education, art, medicine and so on. This is evident from kind of tribute paid to him by varied leading personalities irrespective of their areas of work.

I recollect his inspirational address during his visit to EDI for inauguration of Aashray, a techno-social business incubator last month. When asked about the success mantra for his achievements Dr. Kalam responded: “I worked when others were sleeping.” He also urged the youth in the audience to ‘Dream Big’, ‘Work Hard’ and ‘Persist despite failures until you attain your Goal’.

He left a valuable message for every Indian. Live your life with a meaningful purpose.

His death is an irreparable loss, a huge void for India.

Let us pray that each one of us is able to do our bit and thereby, contribute towards realizing his Vision for India.

May His Soul rest in Divine care with eternal peace.

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