EDI Empresario: Gavisti

Gavisti is a business competition, where teams are in combat to innovate, to compete in technical, technological, financial feasibility and to attract investment and customers. 


The participating teams would get a feel of live market condition and decide on strategy of how market behaves, it would be more like live dynamic market condition, where maximum 10 teams would be competing with each other in market economy of not more than 10 crore where teams would raise funds and sell their products as well.

1. Maximum economy size would not be more than 10 crore, in that teams have to raise funds for their fixed asset.

2. The investors who will invest in your idea would be students, thus it becomes duty of the teams to convince investors to invest in your firm.

3. For purchasing of product also there would be different set of participants who would judge your product by customer point of view and would judge on your team’s vision and marketing skill.

4. Teams need to work out finance very well, that is they need to work on their fixed cost and working capital, teams would only be allowed to raise their fix cost from the market, and the working capital required for production would be done through bank financing.

5. Also there is Price Money for the Investor that would be judged on how wise the investor makes their decision.

6. Teams should see the unit product price need to be range of 500-5000.

Role of investors will also be played by the students:

1. There would be total of 50 participants who would act as investor and customers both.

2. We would divide these participants in two batches of 25 each and at single point of time one batch would act as investors and other would act as customer, after some time we would change the role and vice versa.

3. To make things more interesting the level of money supply would be controlled by us and money would be supplied in parts.

4. There are price money for investor as well and would be defined in predefined equation set by us, for declaring the winner for investor we would consider dividend paid by company, their market capitalization, and total number of shares.

5. For investor to become winner there would be parameters to judge on.

6. It is to be noted that in 50 investors there would be group of 25 who at a point of time would act as investors and other buyers.

7. After each round the groups would exchange their roles. Thus everyone would get opportunity to buy products and be a part of investment.

8. Participants who would like to participate as investors can also take part, prior registration would be required.

You can be a part of it too! Last date to register: For Team – 17th February, 2014 | For Investors : 28th February, 2014

Find more details here: http://bit.ly/1ou1ajm | Register here: http://bit.ly/1eqdfxo

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