Lecture Series 2016 – Social Entrepreneurship

Lecture Series 2016 - Social Entrepreneurship - EDI India

As part of our Lecture Series we had the opportunity to interact with some Prabhat Agarwal and Sandeep Sachdeva

We thank Mr Prabhat Agarwal and Mr Sandeep Sachdeva, for sharing the journey of their social entrepreneurship ventures, Janta Meals and Safe-in-India, with us. Your practical (and happy) explanation of unequal distribution of wealth and its impact on the world was persuasive and inspiring. The lecture cajoled, touched many hearts, alleviated some fears and led to a shift in perception about social ventures.

Their stories of Indian and International social ventures were highly instructive and messages contagious. Beginnings with identifying a problem that can be solved for the benefit of the society, creating a sustainable business model and working towards technical and non-technical solutions needed by the huge scale opportunity that India offers. Their practical examples debunked the myth that an organisation cannot make profits keeping social good in mind.

Clearly, everyone who wants to make a difference need not always be company founders. We need hundreds to manage such organizations, advocate for them, lead their technological innovations and get involved in all aspects of their business models.

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