Life Of Pi – An epic for an entrepreneur

We once heard a six year old kid asking his father, “How come the small boat didn’t drown and the big ship drowned in seconds?” This was in context to the movie Life Of Pi.

Did this question strike your mind?

We were inspired by the conversation and decided to analyze the movie with an entrepreneurial perspective to see what we can come up with.

The younger generation these days is far more creative and curious. They want to learn new things each day & if they are not able to, it frustrates them.  All they want to do is learn, make mistakes & be perfect in the end. May it be building a Lego house.

Aren’t these traits similar to that of an aspiring entrepreneur?

We can learn some entrepreneurial lessons from Life Of Pi. The main character Pi, pretty much depicts a young entrepreneur struggling hard for success. Let’s see what the film has taught us:

1. If you believe in everything, you will end up not believing in anything at all

Pi’s father told him this once on the dining table. For an entrepreneur, pursuing a lot of things at one time often leads to quick burnouts. Focus on what you are best at and work on it. No one can keep you from succeeding.

 2. Brand yourself well

Remember how Pi goes around with individuals and then groups of students to make them understand the real meaning of Pi after he was teased by them? It’s important to get your image right in the market to avoid difficulties in the long run. Make sure you reach the right people at the right time and convey to them your real identity & work.

 3. Planning is not optional

When Pi was in the lifeboat with limited resources and a Bengal Tiger to handle, he got his hands on a handbook with instructions. Similarly, for an entrepreneur, referring to the handbook and planning accordingly is very important. List out the essentials, make a to-do list and follow it to make your work well organized and less confusing.

 4. Putting all your eggs in one basket might not be a wise decision

Pi learned a lesson when he took along all the life supplies to the makeshift raft and a whale upturned it throwing all the supplies in the water. That is when he realized that staying with the Tiger might just be a wise thing to do. While starting up, resources are typically scarce and it’s important to guard them and stop losses. It’s good to have one secure base. Entering unknown territories without adequate research could be a deadly mistake, few startups can afford.

 5. Learn to co-exist

Pi went through a lot until he finally accepted that he had to go through this journey with the tiger. It is always good to learn to co-exist from the beginning for an entrepreneur. Co-exist with your co-founder as well as with the competition in the market. Co-existence will teach you patience & make you realize where you are going wrong.

 6. Giving up is not on the list

Never ever think of giving up no matter what the situation may be. Pi did not give up, did he? Ocean, boat, limited life supplies and a tiger to survive with. He strived hard to get it right and he did. Hardwork will always show results. The journey of entrepreneurship brings along with it a lot of difficulties. But you are not here to quit. You are here to survive and succeed.

Would you like to add to the points? Your inputs are welcomed.

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