Make 2015 an Entrepreneurial year: Things to look forward to the coming year

1. Keep yourself happy. Do not let stress or failures get to you. Keep your calm and stay positive.


2. Focus more. Try and focus on a niche. Become an expert in your own field. Research and meet new people who can guide you well.


3. Make networking your priority. More people you meet, more knowledge you get. Make it a point to meet 2 new people every day. See your business network grow.


4. Ditch the internet once in a week. Spend quality time with family and friends. Share new things that you have learnt. Strike an interesting conversation with people around you. Reserve one day of your week just for yourself.


5. Be passionate towards your goals. Give your 100% and put in all your efforts. Concentrate well and make all the possible moves to achieve it.


6. Keep earning money as your least priority. Don’t work to earn; work to make a difference.


7. Always follow the ethics. Never break a rule to get your work done easily. Achieve it with hard work and you will go home happy.


8. Keep that famous saying in mind – “Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination.” So stop looking for the end of it and just enjoy every part of your entrepreneurial trip.


9. Read more books. Not only related to your field but also other fields. Read magazines and newspapers regularly to keep a tab about the world. Never limit yourself to a specific kind of book. Switch between self-help books, novels, fictional and non-fictional books.


10. Most importantly, be patient and learn to forgive. Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of challenges and being patient will only help you grow and be a better human personally and professionally.


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